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Clearspan Structures | 9M X 3M (30′ x 10′)

Clearspan Structures | 9M X 3M (30′ x 10′)


Stylish, good looking, and spacious clear span structures are unquestionably a party asset to any sort of party or event. So, look at our wide-ranging variety of clear span structures for your specific event requirements.

Perfect for : Weddings, Receptions, Christenings, Sporting Events,and Luncheons

Clearspan structures provide a rigid structure to protect you from the environment and weather. It builds a better framework for any infrastructure and design. It creates a solution to building construction and also makes a wide open, unimpeded space that can be built to any length. The ideal and the appropriate clearspan structures for your event are made available here at Oz Party Hire.

To provide our clients with a practical and cost-effective service is the main objective of Oz Party Hire. If you are looking for an ideal and flexible clearspan structure, you can have our clearspan structures with a size and configuration of 9 m x 3 m. Oz Party Hire will certainly give you a serviceable and durable equipment that will suit your party need.

When you have an event in mind never hesitate to hire the efficient services of Oz Party Hire. You can freely choose from the available clearspan structures that we have and it will give you an assurance of a sure-fire party. If you are searching for a solution to answer your party need call the great services of Oz Party Hire.

Secure your Clearspan Structures with Picket Fencing to surround the entire area and decorate it at the same time.

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