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Lining (Per Square Metre)

Lining (Per Square Metre)


Hosting any party or event entails preparation. There are a lot of things to arrange and plan to guarantee a successful occasion. If you are looking for a large range of party equipment for hire that will fit your party need, choose Oz Party Hire. Managing an event will give you stress and Oz Party Hire will lessen the worries in your mind since we will be providing you the proper party equipment that is serviceable and will surely suit your want. Call the efficient services of Oz Party Hire right away to have a hassle free party.

No event is going to be complete without exquisite high-quality lining for your walls. So select the required lining needed to add glamour and style to your event.

Perfect for : Weddings, Functions, Receptions, and Small Parties

Oz Party Hire is time tested, we give our clients a high quality and cost-effective service. The appropriate party equipments for your event are made available at a reasonable cost. You can confidently choose from a wide range of marquee accessories. Make your guests enjoy and make your party presentable with our lining per square meter laid fairly in your wall.

When you have an event in mind never hesitate to hire the efficient services of Oz Party Hire. You can freely choose from the variety of our marquee accessories and it will give you an assurance of a sure-fire party.Have our linings per square meter rest in your walls and you can surely host your event in peace and excellence. If you are searching for a solution to answer your party need call the great services of Oz Party Hire.

Setting up a Marquee Lining to complement your Frame Marquees can effectively enhance the desired atmosphere for an event.

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Price: $11.00
Ex Tax: $11.00
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