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Marquee Pop-up | 3M x 6M’ (10′ x 20′)

Marquee Pop-up | 3M x 6M’  (10′ x 20′)
Marquee Pop-up | 3M x 6M’  (10′ x 20′) Marquee Pop-up | 3M x 6M’  (10′ x 20′)


Pop up marquees made-to-measure for your specific event are definitely stylish, modish and trendy . Best of all, they are so easy to install and take down!

Perfect for : Barbecue Parties, Small Officials or Family Get-togethers, Birthday Parties

Marquee pop up is essential for an outdoor celebration. It is a tent with a considerable size that is easy to carry and set up and will protect your guests from the weather and the environment. It is a portable tent that will suit your outdoor event. Everybody wants to have the right party contractor and Oz Party Hire will surely bring you a reasonable enough materials for your party requirements. The proper and the ideal marque pop up for your event are made available at a reasonable cost.

If you are looking for the proper and fine party equipment that will surely suit your want, at Oz Party Hire we guarantee you a cost-effective services. To keep your guests shielded from either heat or rain you can have our durable and quality marquee pop-up with a configuation and size of 3m X 6m.

When you have an event in mind never hesitate to hire the efficient services of Oz Party Hire. You can freely choose from the variety of our marquee po up and it will give you an assurance of a sure-fire party. If you are searching for a solution to answer your party need call the great services of Oz Party Hire.

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