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Salad Bowl
Round Garden Table 1.2m (Seats 6)
Red Rope (1.5M with Chrome Hooks)
Pop Up | 4M X 8M
subject to inspecition
Flood Light (150 Watt)
Champagne Bucket (Stainless Steel)
Cake Forks
Beer Pilsner 200 ml
2nd Grade Synthetic Green Matting (6M x 1.8M Roll)
White Garden Chair (With Arms)
URN 20L (100cup)
Synthetic Green Matting
Structure Marquee | 3M x 6M
subject to inspecition
Staging Catwalks | 1.2M X 2.4M (90cm High)
subject to inspecition
Spoons – Tea, Soup, Dessert (Standard)